Making a Long Distance Move Easy

Dated: 06/25/2018

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So you have decided that the #QueenCity is the place for you and/or your family.  Now for the logistics!  Long distance moves don't have to be the overwhelming task you have pictured in your head.  Here are my top tips when planning a long distance move!


If you are planning on retiring here then this is not a tip that you need to worry about but the majority do need to know this.  Ideally you will want to find a job in the same profession you are currently in because this will help you when seeking financing for your home or even attempting to rent a home.  This is the catch; you need to make your resume outstanding so YOU stand out instead of your out of the area address.  So get to work on your resume and cover letter and start searching job sites online.  Send your resumes but don't just stop there!  While applying take a look at who you are applying to.  Then make follow-up calls.  Once employment is secure, it will make the rest of the move way less stressful!


How much are you able to spend on relocating?  This is what you need to know first and foremost.  Look at your finances and whether the job you just found offers a moving allowance.  If not, then begin getting quotes from moving companies now.  There are so many moving companies that specialize in long distance relocation and they are worth every penny in my opinion.  This is where having a relocation specialist really comes into play because they know the BEST companies to use.  


A long-distance move can be expensive so it is best to really look at all the things you own and take inventory of what things are necessities and which things are not.  Have you really worn the clothes stuffed in the back of your closet at all this year?  If not, then they should go.  Of the 30 wine glasses you own, how many dinner parties have you hosted and needed them all?  That old lamp from college stuffed in your garage, are you really going to use it one day?  Be very critical of what you need to keep and what you don't need to keep.  Once you have decided on what is going, host a sell to make some money off your items or donate them to places like Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, etc and cash in on the tax deduction at the end of the year


First and foremost, finding professionals to assist you will be critical in a successful, stress free long distance move.  I can't stress enough that you get EVERYTHING in writing.  This will save you should anything go wrong.  When hiring movers, make sure they have insurance on their vehicles, liability insurance to protect your property, and that they provide workers comp should their employees hurt themselves during the move.  Again, this is where a relocation specialist is a valuable tool to have because they know exactly what to look for.  


Many people don't realize that a car can take 1-2 weeks to ship.  Unless you are planning on doing a cross-country road trip then you need to "pack" your car as well.  Once you are in your new location, how will you get around until your car arrives.  


Have an emergency bag packed in case your property doesn't arrive on time. Make sure the home you choose doesn't need a ton of work.  Ensure all utilities are turned on in time.  You want to get to your new home and not have to stress out because your lights are not working, you don't have any clothes to wear, or you can't use you laptop because the internet isn't hooked up yet. Make sure the kids are registered to start school.  The list of things to do are huge for long-distance moves.   


Get to know them and do not be shy about letting them know who you are. They are local to the area you are moving and will be able to match you to the best area that fits who you are and your lifestyle.  Because life happens, they will be able to step in and take charge when you don't have the time too.  They can make sure you are keeping all the tips above in mind when planning your move.  They are an irreplaceable source knowledge that you should take advantage of 100%.  You can't know what you don't know and they will be the ones that make long distance relocation a seamless transaction because THEY do know!!

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