2019 New Years Resolutions for Home Sellers

Dated: 12/28/2018

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As the New Year approaches, no doubt we are all setting our New Years resolutions.  Maybe you are going to commit to exercising more, saving more money, or even completing items on your bucket list.  If you are thinking of placing your home for Sale in 2019, don’t forget to set your home selling resolutions as well.  Below are the TOP 5 New Years Resolutions for 2019 Sellers! 


1.)    Set the Date – As with any big endeavor having a clear and concise timeline will help ease stress and frustration.  By having the date your home will go live already set, you are then setting the pre-marketing phase up for success.  Be sure to set this date somewhere that you will see it often to remind you of the amount of time you have to complete your pre-market to do list. 


2.)    Make Repairs – A leaky toilet, missing smoke detectors, light bulb out.  The list of small items is endless.  Don’t wait for potential buyers and their agents to point this out during showings.  Go ahead and start this small tasks now.  Having these items complete prior to hitting the market signals to buyers that you have maintained your home.  Think like a buyer in this instance.  If you are walking through a home and you notice light bulbs are not working, smoke detectors are not connected, screens on the windows are worn/ripped almost instantly your mind wonders to how well maintained the UNSEEN parts of the home are. 


3.)    Cut the Clutter – We always tell our sellers prior to listing their home to go through and ANYTHING they have not used in the last month to pack it away.  If you have lived in your home for any amount of time, there is no doubt you have accumulated quite the collection of odds and ends.  Now is the time to take that accumulation and get rid of it.  You want buyers to admire the space of your home, to see themselves living there, and to picture their items in the home.  It is difficult to imagine your espresso machine on the kitchen counter amongst the pile of bills.  It is hard to imagine relaxing in a nice hot bath when the bathroom vanity is covered in makeup, clippers, and bath towels strung along the shower.  Removing the clutter and depersonalizing your home allows the buyers to paint a picture of living there and allows for them to take ownership subconsciously. 


4.)    Know Your Value – I am sure you  have thought several times about what your home could sale for.  Some truly over value their home because of emotional ties to it while others truly under value the home because they are ready to leave it behind.  Whatever category you fall under you MUST know what the true value of your home is when stacked up against the comparables that have recently sold and the competition that is out there.  While COMPS may say your home is worth $250,000 if a home 2 doors down is listed at $235,000 with more upgrades, newer appliances, and a nice outdoor space pricing your home at $250,000 will inevitably result in YOUR home being the main reason your neighbors house sold and yours is still sitting.  I recommend meeting with 3 agents and reviewing COMPS with them to develop a realistic listing price for your home based on the FULL picture. 


5.)    Plan to Make An Impression – Going back to the decluttering phase, it is absolutely in your best interest to have a staging consult at the very least.  We provide these consults to our clients free of charge when we can see that the house could use something to spice it up.  A stager knows how to make the MOST of your space as well as design trends that will draw buyers to your home.  Your house could be beautiful but if not staged to maximize its space and highlight its features, you can almost bet showings will not be as abundant as they could have been. 


Whether you are thinking of selling immediately or 6 months from now, meet with an agent now and make these resolutions so when the time comes you are stress free and your house shows in the best light possible to get you the MOST money in the QUICKEST amount of time.  If you have any questions call us at 704-773-2117 or if you would like a Free Home Value Estimate, click the following link for an instant estimate.  https://carolinaconnections.exprealty.com/sell.php



Happy New Year from Carolina Connections!  Your Key To The Carolinas!

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